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IT-related activities

In terms of IT our dedicated team can assist customers when it comes to hardware, software or user support. In consultation with our customer we define how these services can be optimally provided. The choice to provide the applications locally or centrally with us is also part of your choice, based on our proposal and our optimal calculation.


From defining hardware needs to installing it, everything is possible:

  • We guide and advise you in determining your current and future IT hardware needs.
  • We can draw up the specifications, launch the requirements with reliable suppliers taking into consideration competitive prices and delivery periods.
  • We are brand neutral and choices or advises are therefore objective.
  • We follow the entire process from order to delivery and take care of the installation and integration in the entire system.
  • Subsequent delivery of additional parts and hardware supplies is also possible.


Similar to what we do for hardware, we can also guide and advise in determining software needs. This can range from general software to industry-specific applications.

We assist in drawing up the requirements, searching for potential providers, selecting the right choice, contract negotiation, implementation, arranging user training and providing or facilitating software maintenance.

User Support

In combination with the delivery of hardware and software, we will provide the desired user support, settled on the basis of the effective service. At the same time, we will make the necessary recommendations regarding the appropriate training for your employees.
In this way you are assured of optimal use of your IT system.

IT employee at work