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About us

On January 1, 1937, Mr. Armand Durot founded his firm and started his career as an independent shipping agent for the Swedish shipping company Rederiaktiebolaget Nordsjernan AS, then better known as “Johnson Line”. At that time, the activities were limited to port agency for ships calling at Antwerp to disembark passengers and, more often, to take on board passengers embarking on a voyage bound for the West Coast of North America or South America (both west and east coast). After World War II, the activities were resumed in Antwerp, supplemented with the unloading of goods and, at a later stage, also the loading of goods.

During the 85 years following its establishment the company grew further organically and through acquisitions. Today, with the 4th generation in charge of the family business, A.Durot and its affiliated companies offer a wide range of services to the maritime and logistics industry. Amongst those services, A.Durot particularly focuses on providing backoffice services such as accounting, administration, IT, human ressources or housing solutions to companies in the industry.