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Accountancy & Administration

With a staff of 12 skilled professionals, A.Durot is able to take care of the full accounting formalities of your company. The scope of work can vary and is determined together with our customers going from:

Daily or periodic transactions such as:

  • Inbound and outbound invoicing
  • Customer and supplier administration
  • Payment preparation
  • Financial transactions
  • Monthly reporting and trial balance
  • Depreciation tables
  • VAT administration
  • Cash flow analysis and financial planning
  • Managing exchange rate risk

Annual work such as:

  • Closing and preparation of balance sheet and profit and loss account
  • Preparing annual board meeting report and annual shareholder meeting report
  • Reporting year-end documents General Meeting
  • VAT listing
  • Preparation enterprise tax calculation
  • Provide support and information to financial auditors during yearly audit

Specific file management for forwarding and maritime sector such as:

  • Analyzing and closing of financial results of forwarding and voyage files
  • Producing disbursement accounts and managing current accounts with principals


Our team can provide support in terms of administration of:

  • Compliance with governmental requirements
  • Administration with regards to financial institutions
  • Filing of annual accounts, director nominations and other company matters
  • Negotiation and follow up of insurance policies